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The Quality of Medical Data

A research resource for informaticians, epidemiologists, healthcare workers, insurers, and patients interested in the issues surrounding the quality of medical data and the use of medical data for secondary purposes. Topics include the current state of the quality of medical data, the factors that influence quality, and the effects of quality on efforts to use existing clinical data for secondary purposes such as epidemiology and pay-for-performance initiatives.

Wiki created by Leonard D'Avolio.

Articles in Progress

Potential article ideas:

  • Automated Techniques for Learning from Medical Records
  • Structuring Medical Free Text (NLP & IE)
  • Processing Clinical Data (Text & Data Mining, Machine Learning
  • Medical Data Standards
  • Data Quality
  • Quality of Information Perspectives from Information Science, Business, and Archival studies
  • Medical Data Quality
  • Empirical Research on Medical Data Quality
  • Popular Press on Medical Data Quality
  • Researchers of Medical Data Quality

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Medical Data Mailing List

Typically, research related to the quality of medical data is dispersed widely throughout the medical literature. The Medical Data Mailing List was designed give a forum to the multidisciplinary group of researchers concerned with the use of clinical data for secondary purposes to exchange ideas, news, or research related to the topic.

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