CRICO/RMF's mission is to provide a superior medical malpractice insurance program to our members, and to assist them in delivering the safest health care in the world.

To fulfill this mission, we...

   * offer comprehensive, competitive coverage
   * provide expert legal defense and customer service
   * protect providers’ assets and reputations
   * develop solutions to increase patient safety
   * foster collaboration between local and national experts

CRICO/RMF Overview

CRICO/RMF is the patient safety and medical malpractice company owned by and serving the Harvard medical community since 1976. CRICO/RMF's proven ability to combine strong insurance protection with expert legal services and best practices in patient safety enables physicians, institutions, and employees to focus their considerable expertise on their patients and their research.

Insurance coverage is provided by Controlled Risk Insurance Company of Vermont, Inc. (A Risk Retention Group) and Controlled Risk Insurance Company, LTD (CRICO).

Risk Management Foundation (RMF) was incorporated by the Harvard Medical Institutions in 1979 as a charitable, medical and educational membership organization. Today, CRICO/RMF is an internationally renowned leader in evidence-based risk management. We serve nearly 10,000 physicians, 18 hospitals, and 238 other healthcare organizations.

With a consistent history of fewer claims than the national average, CRICO/RMF is able to offer policy limits that are among the highest in the country, and predictable premiums that fall significantly below local market rates. The strength of the program comes from exceptional claim management with vigorous, yet fair, malpractice defense strategies and a steadfast commitment to leading edge patient-safety enhancements. Our three decades of experience as a trusted partner to the Harvard medical community, and more than 25 years of claim-based data, highly qualify us to assist physicians and institutions in their goal of delivering the safest health care in the world.